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  • A minimum age criterion for a child to get admitted is 18 months or 1 ½ years.

  • We suggest you to register online to fix up a personalized visit.

  • On your visit, we will show you around the school, tell you more about our approach and answer your specific questions

  • Visits will typically take between 20-30 min and are always on a 1-1 basis with an experienced member of staff

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Education...mmmmm.... Self-Education is made so fortune at First Seed that student's heart is educated first then only their minds. Also, education here is not restricted to class rooms alone....

Teachers of First Seed inspire kids by all means.

Language development takes place at its right pace for every child by their appropriate curriculum. They make the kids how to think and not what to think... to sum up with, they make the parents realize that one should not worry about what a child will become tomorrow, remember that they are someone today. Namasthae

- Parents ofS. Lalithaambhigai - (junior K.G)

The personalized attention which is given by them and also in parent teachers meeting a detailed analysis is given so that we know how to improve our kid. I like the circle time sharing, huge activities where the kids are allowed to use their imaginations and get more confident. I'm extremely impressed with the support we have received from his class teacher. She genuinely cares about him and wants him to do well. Thank you so much...

- Parents ofB. Tejas(Junior K G)

First I would like to thank the First Seed play school management and particularly you madam Nirmala for giving us this opportunity.

I would like to compliment the school and class teacher Ms. Suganya for the level of work extended in coaching the students. I was mesmerized to see the students and how well they perform. The students were so confident and bold.
The way the students were encouraged to showcase their talents was completely amazing and I felt so proud.
I am proud my child JAIDEV (Jr.K.G) studies at first seed play school. I hope and am sure that the school will continue to be committed to providing a safe, positive and progressive environment to children in many more years to come.

- Parents of M. Jaidev - (Junior K G)

Best school chosen for my kid with very good atmosphere and good teachers to support my kid. This school will definitely become No.1 Best Play school. It is truly a perfect institution for any kid to grow with good culture and knowledge.

- Parents of L. ShirikrithilayaIyer - (Junior K G)

Excellent care taken on child's educational and mental growth.

  • Extra - ordinary teachers.
  • Good school ambience
  • Great improvement in my child's behavior/ education and mental growth.

- Parents of Shree sharavan.S(Junior K G)

It's a nice place to learn. The kids are enjoying a lot because of fun based learning. They are mainly encouraging book reading so that they are learning many vocabularies. My kid is 2 years 10 months old. Now a days, he started to communicate in English. We are very much satisfied.

- Parents of Mitesh(Pre K G)

I am very happy that First Seed respects child's potential and interest. And a big hats off to the management for bringing up reading skill to my kid at junior K G.

- Parents of Manu Krishna (Junior K G)